Saturday, 13 January 2007


Can we travel “beyond belief” and escape the matrix of our belief systems? Do we need to believe anything? Is it that we define ourselves by what we believe? Why - to feel secure in our beliefs? If you believe "x" and I believe "y", we create unnecessary antagonism. Do we want to live perpetually at each other's throats? Surely there is a gentler way. Why not simply take careful account of what is going on, and use our powers of perception to simply find out what is true?

The aim here is not to adhere to a belief but to make discoveries. I base my search on a suspicion - from books and information available on the net - that that the truth about political events is a world apart from what we are led to believe. For example: Were both World Wars engineered? What about other wars - were they deliberately "arranged" for a purpose? Is there a plan for world government? If so, who is behind it? Was 9/11 the prime catalyst?

This site hopes to peel back the veneer, and address the big questions:

  • who is really behind the the terrorist atrocities?

  • where lies the true source of political power?

  • what part do secret societies play in the politics today?