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Can we travel “beyond belief” and escape the matrix of our belief systems? Do we need to believe anything? Is it that we define ourselves by what we believe? Why - to feel secure in our beliefs? If you believe "x" and I believe "y", we create unnecessary antagonism. Do we want to live perpetually at each other's throats? Surely there is a gentler way. Why not simply take careful account of what is going on, and use our powers of perception to simply find out what is true?

The aim here is not to adhere to a belief but to make discoveries. I base my search on a suspicion - from books and information available on the net - that that the truth about political events is a world apart from what we are led to believe. For example: Were both World Wars engineered? What about other wars - were they deliberately "arranged" for a purpose? Is there a plan for world government? If so, who is behind it? Was 9/11 the prime catalyst?

This site hopes to peel back the veneer, and address the big questions:

  • who is really behind the the terrorist atrocities?

  • where lies the true source of political power?

  • what part do secret societies play in the politics today?


Darren James said...

Uhh, okay, if those are the big questions you're asking, then you're rather short-sighted.

Darren said...

Hey, are you ever going to update this thing or what?

Grumtatt said...

I am new here, so this is really my "Hello" message.

I only have "in depth" experience of British Politics", although I do sometimes make enquiries via The USA, Australia or Europe, in order to learn facts that our own Government REFUSES to tell us.

Words and expressions, like :- "Democracy", "Accountability", "Open Government" and "Freedom of Information", as ANYONE who has ever tried to discover the "truth" behind the THOUSANDS of STUPID, IRRATIONAL and DOWNRIGHT ILLEGAL things our government does, are JUST that, "Words & Expressions", without any value or function in British Government.

CONTRARY to "Common Belief" we do NOT have a DEMOCRACY in the UK !

Sure we get to vote for our MPs, but apart from a few Independents, once in power most MPs are TOLD WHAT DO by their Party Whips, and only the Bravest and Strongest MPs have the guts to become a "Rebel" and risk "ex-communication" and bannishment to a life in the back-benches.

Our government uses the excuse of "National Security" to REFUSE to give out information, even when specifically requested to do so, but often and same enquiry lodged through the US Political System will get you the information, purely because THEIR "Freedom of Information" system WORKS, while ours is just a "Face Plate" with NOTHING behind it.

Much of the information that our Government REFUSES to divulge, has NOTHING to do with National Security at all, and once you get the chance to examine it, you will find that much of this "SECRET" information relates to their COCK-UPS, COVER-UPS and attempts to introduce measures that were actually ILLGAL, under British or European Law !

This data is classed as "SECRET" purely to hide the EMBARRASSMENT our Government would feel, should it become common knowledge !

Anyone who thought the TV Comedy "Yes Minister" was funny, should watch some of the BBC's Parliament and House of Lords broadcasts !

Only when you listen to Members of the House of Lords GRILLING Ministers about the SCANDALOUS ACTIVITIES of their Departments, do you realise that the LEVELS OF INCOMPETENCE and CORRUPTION displayed in that popular TV Comedy are NOTHING compared to what is ACTUALLY going on every single day !

Sadly, the amusement these enlightenments cause is short lived, when you suddenly realise that it is us, the British Taxpayers who are "Carrying The Can" for all this INCOMPETENCE !
At worst, the USELESS MINISTER might end up being sacked ...... but no one is going to come along and refund the HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of MILLIONS of POUNDS of OUR Money, he/she has WASTED.

No single Government Department uses the excuse of "National Security" to hide information from us, more than the MoD does, and no single Ministry makes more SCANDALOUS COCK-UPS than the MoD !
I don't think there can be any better proof that SECRECY BREEDS BAD GOVERNMENT.

Wars are HORRIBLE THINGS, and there is NO DOUBT AT ALL, that in EVERY WAR, it is the INNOCENT CIVILIANS (including VAST NUMBERS of CHILDREN) who cannot escape from the fighting, who ALWAYS COME OFF WORST.

Sometimes Politicians DELIBERATELY ENGINEER Wars, and in my opnion this is the WORST form of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

The classic example I always use to illustrate how INHUMAN Politicians can be, is Pearl Harbour.

The American Government KNEW IN ADVANCE that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbour, but chose NOT to raise a warning.

At the time the US President wanted America to enter WW2, but US Public Opinion was against it. He needed something that would swing Public Opinion, and what could be better than the DESTRUCTION of US FORCES by a Country against whom he WANTED to go to War.

So when the US Government learned that Japan was about to attack Pearl, they just sat back, did NOTHING, and watched as Japan SLAUGHTERED American people.

Recently we have learned that George Bush's Administration had been given sufficient intelligence to know in advance about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, but that they CHOSE to do nothing about it, as they wanted "something HORRIFIC" to happen to US Citizens in order to guarantee Public Support for a Wars they had been planning for OVER TEN YEARS !

With regard to Terrorism.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that America is THE MOST HATED NATION IN THE WORLD. They have got into this position through DECADES of what I call "21st Century SLAVERY".

In the United Nations, America Blocks and Vetos complaints about EXPLOITATION by Third World Countries, and BRIBES and THREATENS other small countries to support them.

Faced with the US ENGINEERED Collapse of their Economies, the STARVATION of their People, and Refusal by the USA to listen to, or to allow others to hear, their complaints, these EXPLOITED and ABUSED People are left with just two choices.

Fight for your survival by whatever means you can.

Hence the Birth of Terrorism.

What is REALLY SICK is that when the likes of Britain or the USA suffer the Terrorist Attacks that they FULLY DESERVE, the ONLY action they take is to see how they can PUNISH and DEFEAST the Terrorists, WITHOUT EVER LOOKING at WHY these people were DRIVEN to TERRORISM IN THE FIRST PLACE !


Everyone KNOWS that .....
"PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE", except it would seem, our Government !

They would rather carry on spending a fortune, ENDLESSLY TREATING a problem, rather than spending FAR LESS to PREVENT it !

Mike Philbin said...


as these concerns are also something I'd like to get to the bottom of, I hope you'll soon start to update your Beyond Belief blog with usable information.


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